Paula Gilhooley…Purple Crested Turaco in Kruger National Park and Marloth Park

The Purple Crested Turaco is a common resident in South East Africa.  Although they are said to be common I have only seen one of these fine birds three or four times sin the many trips I have taken to South AfIMG_3611rica.  They are Characterized by a the glossy purple crest and a dark bill.The tail and underwings are blue, the breast and neck are olive green and the flight feathers are red.  The Turaco generally inhabits dense bushveld where they are very agile running along branches leaping from branch to branch through the canopy of tall trees.   Turacos are sometimes seen in suburban gardens.  They are monogamous and usually in pairs .  They generally eat fruit or tender leaf buds.  Their call is a loud deep “kor-kor-kor-kor” .   Their nests are flimsy unlined affairs on some sort of platform.IMG_4782

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