Paula Gilhooley at Shingwedzi Camp in KNP

One of the mIMG_3179any camps in Kruger National Park is Shingwedzi Camp located in the dry Mopani woods of Northern Kruger near the boarder with the Limpopo National Park that is adjacent to Kruger in Mosanbique.  Shingwedzi is located at the confluence of the Shingwedzi, Mphonoglo and Mandzemba rivers and offers fantastic views over the floodplains of the Shingwedzi river where some of the largest elephants of the park can be sighted.

The Kanniedood Hide overlooking a dam just south of the camp offers wonder sightings of the abundant bird life in the area.  From our accommodation, Rentmeester Guest Cottage, which was located right on the Shingwedzi river bank, with viewing benches, we were able to enjoy watching numbers of Nyala, ImpalIMG_3116a, Waterbuck and Saddle billed storks coming down to a small waterhole that remained in the dry river bed.

On our drives around the area, including going north to the Punda Maria camp and south on s50, Nhlawu Veil-Dipene Road to the Tropic of Capricorn we were able to view large herds of Buffalo, Tsessebe, Nyala, Elephants, Lions and Leopard.  Unfortunately we did not see any Eland or Roan Antelopes which do live in this Northern area of the park.

Another one of our drives near Shingwedzi R52,took us to an area called Red Rocks consisting of large boulders of red stone. The entire area around Shingwedzi from about Mopani Camp through the Northern camp of Punda Maria is primarily Mopani trees which at this tiIMG_3198me of year are partially green and partially rusty red-brown.  It seemed very monotonous compared the southern areas of the park where the trees and vegetation are considerably different.



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