Paula Gilhooley…Bushbaby (South African Galago)

The Lesser Bushbaby is a wooly primate that is extremely tiny and cute.  They are very gregarious and live in harmony together.  They rest during the day and come out at night to forage individually for food.  They leave their nest at the same time every evening.  One can set their clock by their departure.  Their nests can be

IMG_5126 anything from a hollow between a roof and ceiling in a suburban area to an old bird’s nest or just a platform with sticks  and grasses.  In Marloth Park many of the residents put up what is called a Bushbaby house to provide a nesting place and safe haven for the bush baby during the day in hopes of seeing them during the evening hours when they come out looking for food.


Over the years visiting Impala Place I have tried attracting Bush baby in the evening by putting bananas and fruit in the tree in front of the veranda without success…so this year I decided to purchase a house for them and have it placed in front of the veranda. I am hoping that the monkeys that have been semi living in the yard leave

fullsizeoutput_1440 soon so that I can bait the house with bananas.

The Bush Baby vocalizations are varied:  grunts and moans when eating, clicking when finding unusual objects, moaning as a warning, a “tchak-tchak” rising to a rapid chittering if angry, or a twitter among themselves as a contact call.  The young will utter a high clicking if disturbed and a soft grunting when suckling or when content.  Predators are nocturnal raptors as well as genets and pythons.

One or two young are born in the nest, which is usually relined for the birth …One or two young are produced.  IMG_4171The bush baby has a diet of gum from the Acacia trees, insects, eggs, and fruit.

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