Paula Gilhooley…Yellow Billed Stork in Kruger National Park

Of the eight different stork found in Kruger National Park the Yellow Billed Stork one of the largest.  Both male and female of the species are white with a very large conspicuous


yellow bill and a red patch at the top of the bill that covers the eyes like mask and are unlikely to be confused with any other species of stork in Southern Africa.  Their status is near threatened and is generally uncommon….In Kruger National Park there is a large resident flock of Yellow Billed StorkIMG_3392 at the Sunset Dam just North of Lower Sabie rest camp.  They can be seen resting on the shore in a large group or singly fishing  along the bank of the dam. They stand very still in shallow waters waiting for  prey.  They are often found in pairs.  They are nomadic in response to water levels and availability of fish.


They prefer inland freshwaters bodies and estuaries.

They are generally silent except during breeding season when they utter large squeaking sounds like a rusty hinge.  They are monogamous and live in colonies where they place their nests in large trees usually over the water.


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