Paula Gilhooley…A typical morning at Impala Place in Marloth Park

A typical morning at Impala Place starts with a few Kudu showing up nibbling at the Lucerne grass in the feeder.    A  large bowl of cabbage leaves, carrot pieces and leftovers from dinner last night is brought out and placed on a concrete slab in the yard..   Then I fill one of the wooden feeders with animal  pellets and within a few minutes we have

IMG_4516 eleven to twelve kudu , mainly females with a couple of young ones and a young male.  IMG_0324There are also a couple of warthogs that show up and an old wildebeest with only one horn.  Next are a handful of guineafowl and the vervet monkeys that have been sleeping in the trees nearby.  As everyone is chowing down and slowly walking away a large group of zebra show up and more pellets are provided…they eat the pellets and the

IMG_4232 rest of the lucerne grass that is left on the ground. Meanwhile the monkeys are running around trying to steal anything they can find pieces of cabbage, and pieces of carrot .  We have one very aggressive female in the group with a bent tail that stands up to anyone trying to chase her.  And she is the first to grab any goodies that are available.

I prepare another bowl of goodies including paw paw and cabbage leaves and take them


out to the feeder when seven large adult male kudu arrive followed by a walk through of a couple of giraffe.  A number of animals continue to wander in and out of the yard including a few bushbucks, looking in hopes for a few more scraps of something to eat.  It is very dry in Marloth Park at the moment and there is little of the grasses left that are


at all worth eating so feeding the animals is important for their well being. Sometimes we will get an Impala group at thIMG_2228e end of the day in the late afternoon and once in a while a large troupe or gang of banded mongoose show up looking for a few eggs to be tossed in their direction.

There is always a chance that a troupe of baboons might stop by but these critters we do not encourage as they are very aggressive and very destructive. If they get into the house they will trash it in a matter of minutes so when they do show up we go indoors and lock all the door.

Other visitors to the yard include Duiker, Ostrich, and several dozen different colorful birds . I am hoping to attract some bush babies by having a bush baby house put up on a pole in the yard off the veranda.  We also have a resident Genet is the roof over the veranda and a fair sized monitor lizard. These we seldom see as they tend to be nocturnal.


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