Paula Gilhooley…Ntandanyathi Hide on s28 in Kruger National Park

One of the Hides I most frequently  visit on my trips to South Africa and Kruger National Park is the Ntandanyathi Hide on s28 in the park between Crocodile Gate Bridge and the Lower Sabie rest Camp.   The name translated means, “where the buffalo like to drink”. The hide is on the Nhlowa River that over the years (I have been visiting it since

IMG_5875 2007), has had water in it year round.  Only twice have I visited that the river had dried up. This hide hosts a number of fantastic birds including Herons, Hamerkops, Barbets, hornbills, swallows, bee eaters, storks, fullsizeoutput_4b4Egyptian Geese and a variety of shore birds generally associated with water.

There are always Hippo in the water and crocodiles can often be seen sunning themselves on the bank of the river across from the hide.

fullsizeoutput_1675 Elephants, Zebra, Kudu, Wildebeest, Impala , Cheetah and other animals come down to this source of water during the day to drink.  There are Sharptooth Catfish and Terrapin in the water.  When you visit this hide you will not be disappointed by the diversity of wild life at the river or in the approach to the dam from s28.  One of the few Cheetah sightings I have had in Kruger was on the approach to the hide just off the s28.  There were a pair of Cheetah in the late afternoon just sitting in the golden grasses that cover the approach to the hide.


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