Paula Gilhooley at Lake Panic in KNP

Lake Panic is a man made earthen dam on the Mafunyana Creek constructed in 1975.  Lake Panic is located very close to Skukuza Camp in Kruger National Park and has a large Bird viewing Hide at one end of the Lake.  This hide is “L” shaped and set at one end of the dam in a section that is heavily overgrown with various aquatic plants, including water lilies, reeds, and grasses plus a large variety of trees.


Because the Lake is somewhat large it always has water in it making it an ideal place to view Birds and Animals.dr

Lake Panic is a Birders paradise and one of the most scenic spots in Kruger National Park.  Many of the other hides dry up during the winter or early spring and as a result they no longer attract any birds or animals to them to drink.

There is usually a resident crocodile that seems to reside just opposite the hide on a projection of land across from the hide.

fullsizeoutput_1695 You can always count on seeing at least one pair of Egyptian Geese as well as several Herons including a Grey Heron. a Green-Backed Heron, a Squacco Heron and a Goliath Heron.  In addition you can generally see an African Jacana, an African Darter, one or two Black Crake, an Hadedah Ibis or two along with weaver birds and several varieties of Kingfisher birds. Southern masked -weavers have their nests hinging above the water across from the hide and can be seen darting in and out of the nests during the day.

This hide is ideal for photography and is a very quiet relaxing spot in which to enjoy nature.  It is one of the most scenic spots in Kruger National Park.fullsizeoutput_1696

On my last visit there were also a pair of Waterbuck, and a Bushbuck that came dangerously close to the resident crocodile who made several moves in the Bushbucks direction before the bushbuck ambled away.  Of course there are always Hippo in the water and sometime they can be quite noisy. But otherwise the area is one of peaceful silence .

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