Bushbucks in Kruger National Park and Marloth Park

The shy bushbuck is seldom seen in Kruger National Park but often visit our yard in Marloth Park.  We are often visited by a couple of males and several females with

fullsizeoutput_154 their young.  In Kruger the bushbuck are solitary, rather silent and secretive antelope which inhabit dense riverine bush, adjacent to permanent water sources.  only the males have horns and these are short straight and sharp.

When bushbuck are startled they bolt and crash loudly through the bush calling with a harsh bark .  To maintain contact in dense growth they maintain contact with soft grunts. They are nocturnal browsers, yet rarely move far from their home range.

In Marloth Park they have no predators to worry about and are more friendly and once they become familiar with your presence they will come right up to you to get food which they will take from your hand.

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