Mongoose in Kruger and Marloth Park

There are several types of Mongoose in both Kruger and Marloth Park including:  the Banded Mongoose, the Marsh Mongoose, the White Tailed Mongoose, the Slender Mongoose and the Dwarf Mongoofullsizeoutput_1046se.  Of the above I have seen all but the Marsh Mongoose in Kruger and have seen both the Banded Mongoose and the Dwarf Mongoose in Marloth park.

By far the most commonly seen in Marloth and Kruger is the Banded Mongoose which are clearly distinguished from
the others with distinctive banding across their lower back.  The coat and tail are grizzled.  The tapering tail is black with a brown tip.

These feisty animals are very gregarious and live in packs numbering up to thirty or more animals.  They maintain contact by twittering when they scatter to forage for food. they have a wide habitat tolerance preferring open woodlands and scrub with fallen trees and termite mounds.  They are terrestrial and are good tree climbers when threatened.  They are not dependent on water gaining moisture from their food which are mainly invertebrates, insectfullsizeoutput_fbs, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets and termites.  Carrion is eaten as well as snakes lizards and frogs and wild fruit.

They are especially fond of raw eggs when they visit the yard and will be quite aggressive in getting their fair share.

The Dwarf Mongoose is the smallest of the region’s mongoose.  They are dark brown with the upper parts grizzled.  They are diurnal, seldom venturing out until the sun is well risen, and will not emerge from their burrows  in cold , rainy, or overcast weather.  They are terrestrial and also clammer over fallen logs.  If in danger they will climb trees.

Dwarf Mongoose prefer open woodlands with associated grasslands.  they are generally found in hard rocky ground with termite mounds. They inhabit burrows which can run deep underground.  They feed primarily on insects and spiders, centipedes, lizards and snakes.  They also eat mice , snails and bird’s eggs.

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