Kingfishers in Kruger National Park

One the the more colorful birds you can encounter in Kruger National

fullsizeoutput_d28Park are Kingfishers.  These birds can be spotted in woodlands savannas, particularly along rivers or wetlands.  The Pied Kingfisher below and his mate are seen regularly at Sunset Dam basically in the dame spot. where they scan the water of the dam for fish, crabs, prawns and insects.  These Pied Kingfishers hover hunt more that any of the other kingfishers.  They are highly vocal with a high pitched chattering.

The Brown-hooded Kingfisher also are usually seen in pairs and are highly territorial living in woodlands where they hunt for grasshoppers, other insects and small reptiles.  They too are very vocal with a loud three to five note trill.


Another Kingfisher seen in Kruger is the Woodland Kingfisher. They have a loud trilling song. Like many other Kingfishers they hunt for a wide range of prey including insects and small reptiles.

The Malachite Kingfisher is also very colorful with its bright blue and orange coloring. They generally live near water eating small fish and insects.

Lastly the Giant Kingfisher can be seen around water where it also fishes.

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