The Vurhami Pride in Kruger National Park

One of the more well known Lion Prides in the Southern area of Kruger National Park is the Vurhami Pride. They prowl the area from the Crocodile Bridge to the area just north of the Vurhami Bridge between s25 and s28 on H4-2 tar road and can often be seen near the Vurhami Bridge.  During this trip I have encountered members of this Pride several times, but only a couple of its members at one time.  Yesterday I was lucky enough to encounter a good number of the Pride in the area just west of the Vurhami Bridge where they were resting on the river bank and dam wall.

When we entered the park about 7am there were a number of cars at the dam opposite the bridge and we drove up to look seeing 3-4 youIMG_4044ng females from the pride on the edge of the water in the sand.  The view was not a good one and taking photos was difficult as you were shooting into the sun so we decided to continue our drive up s28 to see if we could find other sightings.  We were returning to Crocodile Bridge Gate around 1pm when we again crossed the Vurhami Bridge going south.  This time there was at least 8-9 members of the Pride, including the large male, present wandering around the dried river bed or resting on the concrete barrier of the dam. There were of course a number of cars blocking every inch of the bridge trying to get a good view of the activity below in the riverbed.

I was able to get a number of great shots of the lions in the pride interacting with each other and it was by far the best sighting of the Vurhami Pride I have had to date.

In 2018 the Vurhami Pride continue to inhabit the area between the Crocodile Bridge Gate and the Vurhami Dam.  fullsizeoutput_d8b

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