Chateaux de Cormatin…Cormatin, France …with Paula Gilhooley

The Chateaux de Corimg_2283matin is located between Tournes and Cluny.  It was built by the Marquises of Huxelles in the early 17th century.  It has wide moats, turrets, high rusticated basement, gunport and drawbridge.  It was a castle made to impress which it continues to do today.  The current owners have restored a good deal of the chateaux to its original state and the work continues today.

The interior staircase is a copy of the one which existed in the Luxembourg Palace in Paris. The famous guided rooms provide authentic testimony to the lifestyle of the French Nobility of the early 17th century.  Painted, carved and gilded ceiling to floor apartments dazzle in their refinement and colors.  The furniture, paintings and tapestries are accurate for the period if not original to the chateaux.  During the belle Epoque, a director of the Monte Carlo Opera owned the chateaux.  He modified the style to accommodate Byzantine, Renaissance and Louis XIV rooms.  Long abandoned the castle has been restored with respect to authenticity, the gardens have been recreated over 11 hectares with flowerbeds, box maze, aviary, theater and water features.

One of the owners of the house follows the tours around popping in and out of rooms as the tour progresses. img_2314

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