Paula Gilhooley…Wild Dogs Kruger National Park, South Africa

There about 350 wild dogs in Kruger National Park and are endangered, so it is a rare occasion when you experience a siting of wild dog.  Wild dogs are the size of a large domestic dog and its unusual coloration  makes them quite easy


to spot if they are around.  Their coats are a unique combination of yellows, whites, browns and blacks with a white tip on the tail being the only constant in the coloration variation. Their most prominent physical feature arelarge rounded ears.

They are highly social animals that live in packs of up to 40 individuals but, 12-20 are more usual.  They are extremely efficient hunters with great endurance, that will hu088nt as a pack to bring down their prey to the point f exhaustion. They often kill their prey by eating it alive  Mid sized antelopes like impala are preferred prey but it is not unheard of a pack being down a buffalo.  Pups are usually born in grass lined burrows in letters averaging seven although litters of up to fifteen are not unheard of.  By six months the pups are com067petent hunters.

I have been fortunate in seeing wild dog only twice in the four, two month long trips I have taken to South Africa.  Once about six km south of Lower Sabie Camp and once near Skukuza camp.   I hope to be luck enough to find these great animals again wheIMG_0650n I return to South Africa in September for two months.026

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