Return to South Africa 2023

May 16, 2023 I return to South Africa for two months. After landing in Nelspruit I will be traveling to Phalamborwa for a week staying at Impala Chalets. This is a small town on the edge of Kruger National Park that allows one to visit the northern section of the park. The area around the Phalamborwa entrance is rich in cats: leopards, lions and cheetah which can be seen on H9 and H14 as well as the gravel roads in between the two hard roads.

Taking H14 one can travel north to Mopani Camp where you can enjoy a late breakfast or an early lunch and shop in the camp’s gift shop. The restaurant here overlooks the Tsendze river. Continuing north the next camp is Shingwedzi where there is a side road R52 that takes a circular route to an area called Red Rocks which is rich in animal and bird life. Keep on the look out for Eland which can be seen in this area and other parts of northern Kruger.

It is possible to get as far North as Babalala picnic spot about half way between Shingwedzi and Panda Maria which is one of the two far north camps in Kruger.

Taking the H9 you can drive to Letaba Camp where there is an Elephant Museum and a great restaurant overlooking the Letaba River. This camp is good for a break before traveling a few kilometers south on H1-4 to Olifants Camp overlooking the Olifants river. There are also many gravel roads in this area that can be driven that are good game viewing routes. One particularly nice route is just north of Letaba camp and follows the river to Longwe lookout point with a bird hide, Matambeni Hide; and a cut off to Engelhard dam.

Just a few kilometers inside the gate off of H9 on s51 there is the fantastic Sable Hide where one can book an overnight stay. Off the same route at the other end of the loop is the Masorini Archaeological Site where you can visit ruins with a guide stationed at the site. This is also a picnic area.

After a week in the north I will be traveling south in the park to the Crocodile Bridge gate where I will leave the park and continue on to Marloth Park where I will remain until the end of July staying at my favorite place Impala Place. Marloth Park is a gated community that is a conservancy where animals are allowed to roam freely and it is not unusual to wake up to Zebra, Kudu or Giraffe in the yard. Since Marloth Park is just across the Crocodile river from Kruger the area is often visited by some of the predators…there is currently a leopard in the area and earlier there were a pair of male lions and a female lion with babies.

This will be my 12th stay in Marloth Park in Impala Place as I have been coming since 2007. On my first visit a mother Zebra came with here just born baby who had an unusually pattern on her back and below is Baby in 2022 when she visited the yard with her group of zebra she is now with. Over the years I have been privileged to see Baby several times when she has returned to the yard.

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