The Hotel Dieu…Beaune, France…with Paula Gilhooley

The wimg_2235alled city of Beaune is a prestigious wine town whose vineyards earned a UNESCO World Heritage status in 2015.  The Hotel-Dieu makes it the jewel of Burgundy.
The Hotel-Dieu, founded in 1443 by Nicolas Rolin, Philip the Good’s chancellor, is  jewel of High Gothic architecture and an example of Burgundian-Flemish Art.  It was used as a general hospital until 1971. Its polychrome roofs and the vibrant colors of its altarpiece “The Last Judgment”, by Roger van der Weyden have made Hotel-Dieu famous.  This medieval hospital has other treasures including the “Salle des Pores” with its richly sculpted and painted ceiling, the gothic chapel, the kitchen and the pharmacy with a collection of pewter and earthenware.

You have to enter the courtyard to apimg_0529preciate the extent of the buildings making up this complex.  It is here that the multi colored glazed tiles of the roof can best be appreciated.

The Last Judgement by Roger van der Weyden, painted between 1445 and 1448 is an example of High Gothic Flemish painting and is considered his masterpiece.

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