Paula Gilhooley…Lions of Kruger National Park

DSC00640Above is a picture of the first lions I saw in Kruger National Park in 2007.  There was a young male and several females at a Kudu kill right next to the road between Crocodile Gate and Lower Sabie.  Since then I have been lucky to see lions many many times in Kruger and every time is exciting.  Watching this magnificent animal never gets boring and every siting makes your heart race.  The power and grace of these animals is breathtaking.

Lions can be found in every area of Kruger and can be observed doing various activities including mating, eating, hunting, sleeping (especially sleeping) and tending their young.  No matter if they are sleeping on the rocks next to the river or walking down the road coming towards your vehicle it is a treat and if the park is busy there will soon be a large crowd of vehicles stacked up to get a glimpse of the lions.

I always look forward to a good lion siting or two on every trip into Kruger.


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