Paula Gilhooley….Kori Bustard in South Africa’s Kruger National Park


The Kori Bustard can be found in the open grass lands of Kruger National Park and other parks throughout Southern Africa.  It is the largest of the Bustards and it is the largest bird in Africa to fly.  The neck is finely barred grey and there is crest her the crown on their heads. Displaying males raises their crest, inflating their throat  and throw their tail forward  into their back puffing out their white underrated coverts.  Females are smaller and the juvenile has a paler he’d, shorter crest and browner back.

These birds are generally scarce and nomadic in semi arid savanna and grasslands.  These birds tend to stay on the ground  and are difficult to spot if they are not moving.  Mainly forage for insects in the long  grasses.


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