Paula Gilhooley….The Majestic Kudu of Kruger National Park

Upon my arrival in the Greater Kruger National Park area next Tuesday one of the first animals I am likely to see is the majestic Kudu.  The Kudu is one of my favorite antelopes, the males with their large spiraling horns and the females with their beautiful eyes aDSC00305nd lovely soft ears.

The Greater Kudu is Africa’s second tallest antelope,  the male is grey with six to ten white vertical stripes down their sides and a white chevron between the eyes.  The females are a bit more brownish in color without horns.  These antelopes live in small herds with females and their young and are periodically visited by the normally solitary males during the mating season.

Kudu are browsers and eat a variety of leaves in its preferred woodland-savanna setting with fairly dense bush cover.  They are somewhat shy animals moving out to browse early mornings or late afternoons.  Kudus are common in Kruger ad you can alwaysIMG_0030 count on seeing them on a visit to the park.

Staying in Marloth Park  on the opposite side of the river from Kruger National Park, Kudu are a mainstay in the conservancy and are daily visitors to the yard at the house I rent where they come for pellets, apples, cabbage leaves and salt lick that we keep in the yard for them and the other animals that visit on a daily basis.IMG_3936

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