Paula Gilhooley…Kruger National Park (The Best Place on Earth)


Kruger National Park (The Best Place on Earth)…is the premier wildlife park in South Africa and one of the best in the world.  The closest entrance to kruger from Marloth Park is via Crocodile Gate which is at the far south-eastern corner of this huge park.  After entering Crocodile Gate you have to cross the river over a single lane, very low bridge with only small cement posts to keep you from going into th137e river.  During the rainy season it is sometimes impossible to enter the park at this entrance as the bridge is below water.  The next option is to enter the park at the Malalene Gate, about an hour away on the south -west corner of the park, which has a high bridge that allows access to the park year round.

The area of Kruger was originally inhabited by theSans peoples as early as 500,000 years…

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