Oryx…Exotic Antelope of the Kalahari

Oryx (or Gemsbok) is another animal that is found in the arid-desert like conditions of the Kalahari because they are able to adapt to an environment that has little or no water by surviving on Tsamma Melons that grow in the sandy soil and can last several years.  In years of draught, young Oryx do not learn to drink water, their only source of moisture is from the Tsamma Melons.  Once the rains finally come the young have to be taught how to drink in the newly056 formed pools.  Oryx can tolerate extreme heat because they have the ability to cool the blood going to their brain through the capilaries in their no

182ses as they breathe.

Both male and female have horns that can be over a meter in length and curve gently back in an arc from their black and white patterned faces.  Their large muscled bodies are light grey with a black and white stomach area, black tail and black and white legs.  They live in herds o174f 5 to 40 individuals and are shy and often flee from humans.  Oryx can also be seen in Kenya around Samburu.

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