Kalahari Lions


The Kalahari lion has adapted to the harsh conditions of the desert that can range from freezing temperatures during the night to boiling heat during the day with only the shade of a few Camel Thorn Trees. These lions live in smaller groups and can go for two weeks without water getting all their moisture form their prey. Although the Oryx is their favorite prey they can make due with the smaller animals that inhabit this harsh environment. On our way from Urikaruus wilderness camp, where we had spent the night, to


Twee Rivieren Camp we came across two female lions along the side of the road. One was very pregnant. We were able to watch them for over a half hour by ourselves without other vehicles joining us.The two sisters spent quite a while bathing each others faces, then each got up and slowly crossed the road behind us to get a drink out of a small pond. One on her return to her sis


ter came so close to the vehicle that I could have easily put out my hand and scratched her back. Finally a couple of vehicles showed up and they got up and wandered off into the tall grass. A little later we came upon another small group of lions resting under one of the few Camel Thorn Trees along the side of t342he road.There were a couple of males and some females. Across the road, and a bit of a distance away, it was obvious that the rest of the pride was still finishing off their meal and as they finished they slowly walked down the incline from the kill to join the rest of their pride on the opposite side of the road. It was a very lucky day for lion sitings as before we got to Twee Rivieren Camp we came across another pair of male lions and a female resting in the shade by the road.


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